AI tools to use for your E-commerce Brand

The chances are Chat-GPT has come up on your radar recently. It seems to be one of those things everyone is talking about. Arguably, rightly so, as there is no doubt it has the potential to start now finally shaking things up and achieving widespread adoption.

The impact on education and the future of work is still uncertain. It seems inevitable some jobs will be affected and even replaced, but if harnessed in the right way, there are huge benefits to be had by both individuals and organisations.

By grabbing all the attention recently, Chat-GPT has helped in another way by shining an even brighter light on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business, highlighting the fact that there are so many other amazing AI technologies out there for you and your eCommerce brand to take advantage of.

We’re currently working on a handy little eBook that focuses on the best AI tools for you to use for each area of your eCommerce business. It’s not ready yet, but we thought, for now, we’d whet your appetite a little by giving you a selection of some of the AI tools worth investigating to help you with key areas of your business.

We’ve broken it down into a few key categories, with more to follow in our eBook.

Have fun exploring and playing around with these for now though. Let’s jump in!

Content Creation



One of the most well-known and widely used AI-powered writing assistants.

This tool won’t write things for you or come up with content ideas. However, it makes sure that what you do write, is written in the best way possible.

Use it everywhere online where you write – within emails, word docs, websites, notes, etc. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.  


Unlike Grammarly, Craftly will write content for you.

There are three simple steps for using this AI assistant:

  1. Choose what you want Craftly to write for (blog, social post, email, etc).
  2. Tell Craftly what to write (details, tone, audience, etc).
  3. Work with Craftly on the piece of writing (edit yourself) until you are happy with the content.


Like Craftly, Jasper will create original written content for you in minutes. It’ll also come up with new content ideas for you. It’s a great tool to use when you really want to scale up your content output.

Chat-GPT (of course)

As its name suggests, this is a chatbot that provides users with information and responses to inquiries through AI – in a way just like a human would.

Here are some of the things it can do:
– Write an article
– Write a story poem
– Write some code
– Translate

And with Microsoft having recently invested even more, there’s no doubt this is set to revolutionise the tech world. There are plenty of alternatives, but Chat GPT sure is in the limelight for now…



Let AI turn your text into engaging voiceover videos, that use real humans and real voices.

Perfect for explainer videos, eLearning, and product descriptions.

So maybe there’s no need for expensive voice-over artists anymore?

Here’s an example of a tutorial that uses it:


One of the best promotional videos we came across.

So best to just give the below a watch to find out what Descript is all about.

It’s very good.


Dalle-E 2

From the talented folk at Open AI (yep, Chat-GPT) Dall-e 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a text description.

Give it a go for yourself, here.

Another one of those things that you’ll watch in amazement…


How many times have you had an idea for an illustration in your head, but after endless searching and scrolling couldn’t find it?

Help is now at hand.

Illustroke lets you create SVG illustrations from a piece of text.

Just type in ‘a man wearing headphones’, choose the illustration style, and pick your favourite.

Jump on over to their site for more examples – Illustroke.


All you need to do here is upload your article and the AI will generate an illustration for your article in 15 mins. It’s completely unique and royalty-free.

Not much more to say here, check it out – Illustrur.



Yep, SEO can be a tedious and hard thing to do well. Thankfully then, AI is again on hand to help. will help you with high-quality keyword research as well as AI copywriting.


Similar to the above, Keywrds AI engine allows you to dive deep and uncover the keywords that your target audience is searching for. For more detail, head on over to their site, here.



“An AI domain generator that’s actually good.”

These are the words of Hugo, the brains behind Namy.

We can’t really argue with him.

Read a bit more about how it all came about and how it works. Then give it a go for yourself to see what you think.


Still stuck for a name for a business name?

Look no further, you’re bound to find one using this…

Customer support


Let Aide identify the most pressing issues your customers are experiencing, without having to manually go through and identify the common themes. It’ll also equip your team with the tools and answers so they can respond to customers faster.

In summary

It should be clear from the above, that while AI technologies have already changed how Ecommerce business is done, there’s plenty more change coming! And by familiarising yourself and keeping up to date on these new technologies you’ll be much better placed to reap the rewards they offer.

Keep your eyes peeled for our ‘AI for Ecommerce’ eBook, coming soon…

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