AI vs Human Help: How do the two best work together for effective Conversion rate optimisation?

As if AI wasn’t grabbing enough headlines of late, a call for a pause in artificial intelligence research by notable tech leaders, in which they stated how AI systems pose profound risks to humanity, ensured it remained front-page news.

All the talk is of course about the level of disruption it looks set to have on the world of work and therefore people’s livelihoods and lives. It’s an impossible question to answer, but one that we can try to, through our own experience as an AI-powered conversion rate optimisation platform.

And so, by answering the question: AI vs Human Help: How do the two best work together for effective conversion rate optimisation – we hope not only will this help you with how you approach CRO, but also how you think about and approach AI in general.

Let’s get into it.

It clearly comes down to understanding what both humans and AI bring to the party – how to combine their strengths, to achieve the best possible results.

Strengths of AI:

We’ll get straight to it; AI has changed the game when it comes to CRO.

The huge data sets it can analyse in real-time, running tests and experiments that humans alone would never be able to do, allow businesses to iterate and make evidence-based decisions, at speed. Well, at lightning speed. And even that’s an understatement.

By giving ecommerce businesses access to our AI-Powered platform, businesses can A/B test for every page element, as well as run multivariate tests in which all the possible combinations of page elements can be tested (which can be a mind-boggling amount of page variations) – allowing them to very quickly identify which page is best performing and which elements are most responsible for this performance.  

This data is then presented through a state-of-the-art dashboard; intelligent reporting that identifies patterns and insights. It is these insights that will be used to inform human decision-making, and this is where the strengths of humans come into play…

Strengths of humans:

It’s no surprise, the real strength of humans is creativity and innovation, and it is this along with design skills, that must be leveraged to create engaging, intuitive, and effective website experiences. Essentially, human-centric-design.

This is primarily about humans having their own ecommerce experiences and perspectives that AI just doesn’t have. This understanding of their own behaviour as well as detailed insights into that of their customers and target audience allows humans to develop new and innovative approaches when it comes to CRO.

Something else that humans do better than AI is emotion. And thanks to advances in neuroscience we now know just how important emotion is in human decision-making, such as making a purchase. Humans therefore can create content for a website that resonates with users on an emotional level, helping to build trust, and loyalty, to ultimately increase conversion rates over time. AI isn’t there, yet. And may never be better at humans at this.

There is one other advantage humans have – their ability to communicate and collaborate with each other. This gives rise to innovation and insights that can be used to develop CRO strategies that better serve the needs of the business and its customers. This is another behaviour that AI doesn’t have the same level of skill that humans do.

The perfect combination:

Clearly then, combining the strengths and expertise of both is when you will see your conversions skyrocket.

And in the case of CRO and also in general, AI is best used for analysing huge data sets and identifying themes and patterns within them. Whereas for humans it’s all about doing the things that AI can’t do as well, primarily creativity and strategic decision-making and guidance.

And as we’ve already stated, at Success Path our AI-powered platform is only as good as the CRO human expert who leverages it. And it is this partnership that has helped an ever-growing list of brands unlock the full potential of their online stores by achieving conversion rates the likes of which have never been seen before.

We’re excited to be shaping the future of conversion rate optimisation, and helping brands take their ecommerce businesses to the next level. But make no mistake, humans will play just as important role as AI in achieving CRO success.

In summary

We like to think about it as AI being able to automate a lot of the heavy lifting, while humans still need to do a lot of the heavy thinking…

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