Having an on-line store doesn’t mean you’ve got an ecommerce business.

This will be a shorter post from us.
Nonetheless, an important one.

If you’re running an online store, to be successful you want to be an ecommerce business. The future belongs to ecommerce stores, not online shops. When you’re clear on what the two terms mean and how they differ, you’ll see why.

Having an online store where you just make products available for customers to browse and buy, is just one part of ecommerce.

Online shopping is great for customers who don’t want the hassle of having to head to traditional bricks and mortar stores. With a couple of clicks they can have a product delivered to their door in days.

Ecommerce however, is about more than just having an online store. It’s how your business leverages and takes advantage of all aspects of operating a business online.

Ecommerce allows your business to boost its marketing capabilities by reaching a larger market more efficiently or increasing sales through retargeting, simplifying business processes, providing better customer support, product and inventory management and analysis – the list goes on…

So, it’s important to not just see your online store as a simple online checkout (transactional). But instead, as a digital world of opportunity, which when taken advantage of can simplify and supercharge all elements of your business. One of which is optimising your website pages to increase conversion rates, and that’s where we (Success Path) come in with our AI-Powered CRO platform. You didn’t think we’d miss the opportunity to sneak in a little sales pitch, did you?

But again, it’s a sales pitch that serves as an example of what ecommerce is – using strategies and digital technologies to improve your businesses online performance, transforming it from a simple online store to an ecommerce business. And with that achieving higher sales and ultimately, growth.

Find out how we’re shaping the future of conversion rate optimisation, and how your ecommerce brand can benefit, here.

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